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Photo Gallery

In This Issue

Daily Column

 Come join the editor Jennifer Barnick as she searches for the Champagne Life....

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Sparkling Wine

Interview with flight attendant Peggy O'Brien-Gould by Dr. Timothy Smith

Feature Italy's Surprising Sparklers: A Guide to Italian Sparkling Wine by Sandy Mitchell

Sparkling Wine Review John Euclid reviews Spanish Cavas

Industry News ...a brief survey of sparkling wine news

First Person

HelloGoodbye Ian E. Detlefsen says hello and George Mentis says goodbye.

Passion ForumDarlene Foster writes about LSU women's hoops

Under the Goldlight—True Tales of Drinking Champagne Felisha Foster revisits New Years 2003

Life Before Ten J. Blake Gordon tackles the nightmare

Art & Literature

The Marcia Reed Virtual Gallery Paintings by Lorraine Smith

Drinker's Poetry Fredrik Bergström and Robert Slattery

Fiction The Garden Keepers by David Sirois

Film in ReviewAnna Luciano opines on a current release; Suzie Sims-Fletcher evaluates a current DVD rental, and John Euclid digs deep in the closet to review a classic movie

Other Goodies

Founder's Page Greeting from Dr. Timothy Smith

Letters to the Editor click for full list

Photo Gallery Click for Pics

Co-founder, Editor and Columnist— Jennifer Barnick
Co-Founder, Science writer, and regular contributer —Dr. Timothy Smith

Darlene Foster (Felisha Foster our very own Sales and Marketing Goddess' mom) is the author of this issue's "Passion Forum"

Felisha Foster, her daughter, also contributed to this issue....

Fredrik Bergström is our featured poet
David Sirois—Staff Writer and author of this issue's fiction

Elizabeth Olejnyik—Regular Contributor

Staff Writer—Andreas Matern



Dave Brown— Staff Writer

Anna Luciano (middle)-regular contributer and our film reviewer for this issue
Ian Detlefsen - writer of this issue's Hello from our HelloGoodbye column


Sandy Mitchell is the writer of this issue's feature "Italy's Surprising Sparklers: A Guide to Italian Sparkling Wine"



photo by Terry Michelle

Felisha Foster—Sales and Marketing

Felisha is also this issue's writer of our
"Under the Goldlight: true tales of drinking champagne"


J. Blake Gordon— regular contributer and writer for this issue's column "Life Before Ten"

Suzie Sims-Fletcher —Regular Contributor and writer of this issue's review of a new DVD release (found in our Film in Review section)

Lorraine Smith is our featured artist
Paul Donaldson—West Coast Correspondant

Marcia Reed—Painter and Gallery Namesake
Marcia's work is in this issue's feature article: "Italy's Surprizing Sparklers: A Guide to Italian Sparkling Wine"

Poet in Residence—Robert Slattery







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