Life's Focus, My Comfort

by Fredrik Bergström


Time changes, I think I evolve
I learn a great many things
But do I learn anything at all

I look at my past and I assess the future,
I feel like I’ve cheated
Though I worked so hard to learn what I know

Complete dedication, yet lack of control
Lost in my meandering
My focus no longer assured

Pin down what I’m lacking
I’m lost on the road
My work is denial, not as pure as it once were

If I decide to change my life
I would make my family poor
I hate to see them struggling like I saw once before

Promises made since last times demise
I sacrifice my purpose
Not to end up there twice

Truth, denial, laughter & pain
I have to remember
Time allowed, my focus can still be reclaimed

Reaching the end I consider my comfort
My child seems so happy
Her mind and laughter burning bright in my soul



Time Change Growth

by Fredrik Bergström


The artist looks at me
Finds the essence within me
A few lines and written word
Catches all that’s seen and heard

The subject grows, evolving mind
Nature changes as will the lines
True face and true faith

Rituals, wake up, breakfast on the go
Time flies, hurry up there’s something you should know.

People, closest friends
Wish to see and want to go
Never mind your goals today
You’re needed here more than you know

Time pass, I will grow
Never thought the change would show




Industrial Age

by Robert Slattery


The Horizon.
shimmering, shimmering
and beyond,
out of sight,
the factories ,
sitting idle-

They came from beyond the
horizon, beyond the shimmering;
numberless men out of the
vast land.   Brickmakers,
bricklayers, builders, laborers,
and factory men.

They created the factories
and filled them with lights,
sounds, and the residue of
a million toils.

Only the buildings remain-
-- crumbling stacks
-- rotten beams
-- cracked foundations

Once busy rooms
-- long silent.
The men who toiled
-- long dead.
The families
-- long gone.

Only the buildings remain;
standing in testament to
an agotime of pride and
importance - but now idle.

So long idle.

And the everwind
pushes and flows
through the empty rooms
out the broken windows
pushing and flowing
towards the shimmering horizon.




The above poem was inspired by
(what I thought was) a rather vivid
image in the last paragraph
of Chapter 12 of Desolation
by Jack Kerouac






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