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Daily Column

  Come join the editor Jennifer Barnick as she searches for the Champagne Life....

Sparkling Wine

Interview with Allied Domecq's Liz Dueland by Paul Donaldson

Feature Dr. James Smith and Dr. Timothy Smith team up and bring us a broad historical survey on war in Champagne

Sparkling Wine Review Mark Kernaghan reviews champagnes priced right for large parties

Arts & Sciences What the color of champagn tells you.... by Dr. Timothy Smith

Industry News A new column to the Better Drink...a brief survey of sparkling wine news

First Person

HelloGoodbye J. Blake Gordon says hello and Suzie Sims-Fletcher says goodbye.

Passion Forum Fredrik Bergström writes about architecture.

Under the Goldlight—True Tales of Drinking Champagne Anna Luciano takes us on a fun, girl-filled slumber party....

Life Before Ten Our newest column...Dave Brown takes us on a most deviant adventure....

Art & Literature

The Marcia Reed Virtual Gallery Painter and Gallery Owner Heather Somershein

Drinker's Poetry Felipe Victor Martinez and Robert Slattery

Fiction Downsizing by Ian Detlefsen

Film in Review Andreas Matern opines on a current release; Shawn and Janet Fallo evaluate a current DVD rental to see if it is for him and her, and Eric Lewis digs deep in the closet to review a classic movie

Other Goodies

Founder's Page Greeting from Dr. Timothy Smith

Letters to the Editor click for full list

Photo Gallery Click for Pics


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