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Introduction from the Editor


             I was actually "out and about" when I first espied Anthony Lobosco's work. It was a beautiful sunny day in Boston, and I found myself at the Heinz Convention Center with a friend who wanted some moral support during a job fair. Tired of trying to look like a person who was supposed to be at the job fair I decided to take a little stroll around the building. In the heart of the modern and massive center was Mr. Lobosco's show...and it was amazing. I spent nearly an hour walking around and then sitting in the rotunda and enjoying a near panoramic view of his work. I was impressed with the movement in his work and his sense of color. I wrote his name down and called him a week later praying he would agree to show his work in our brand-new, online magazine. Much to my good fortune he agreed. In addition to receiving permission to present his work I also had the good fortune of meeting him personally and having him guide me through his work and his studio. As a man he was incredibly warm and always amazes me how often the most talented are the most quiet regarding their talent. In person his work almost breaths with color, however, I believe that the electronic format has done his work great justice, and I can say that with confidence after experiencing both "real" and "virtual" views of his work. Mr. Lobosco is also a very learned man and this can be sensed in the themes of his work. His home was filled with relics and memories of "the old world" along with the surprising contemporary freshness of his paintings that hung throughout his house, and as one walked around one could immediately sense that this artist may be quiet and polite but this must not be confused with simple or shallow...after spending some time with Anthony Lobosco's work I would make the claim that his waters run quite deep. I hope you enjoy the show.     

Jennifer Barnick, Editor

Anthony Lobosco


Watercolors-Oils-Acrylics-Mixed Media


            Anthony Lobosco is a published, Boston artist, whose work ranges from traditional landscapes and still lifes to impressionistic and abstract work.

             Mr. Lobosco holds a degree with honours in art history and in Italian from Boston University. He holds certificates from Emmanuel College, Boston, and from the University of Florence, Italy. He has studied at the Massachusetts College of Art and has studied in Rome, Italy.

             Mr. Lobosco taught at Boston Latin from 1987 to 1999, and now devotes his time totally to his art work.

             Mr. Lobosco works in several media and styles. In pen and ink, he creates traditional landscapes, classical figural compositions and architectural settings. In oil pastel, he works in an impressionistic manner on still lifes and landscapes. In watercolour and in acrylic his work shows the greatest variety; often times formal and traditional, other times expressionistic with broad brush work, and still other times completely abstract with sweeping gestures and luminious colours. This breadth of styles reflects Mr. Lobosco's belief that subject, colour and , most importantly, medium should dictate the style employed. For inspiration, Mr. Lobosco relies on his classical background and his interests in nature and music.

           In this exhibit Mr. Lobosco has focused on his abstract works in watercolour, acrylic and pastel. Although quotations from nature are often evident, colour and medium are allowed expression divorced from content.

Painting Statement


            “The goal of my non-objective and abstract work, whether in acrylic, watercolour or pastel, is to visually document emotional states in what I call 'psychological landscapes'. In these compositions directional notations play over a background of saturated colour. Although inspiration is often drawn from nature, by varying tones, intensities and hues, and by suggesting movement and speed the physical has been subjugated to the emotional. Even where there has been a suggestion of landscape, architecture or objects, their reality has been sacrificed to another reality--that of the psyche. As the goal of all art is to bring the viewer to a higher state of being, I hope these works function similarly to music. In one glance a viewer should be able to experience all the beauty and joy of a one hour symphony. ”

Original works in oils, acrylics, watercolors, and mixed media are available, including in-person viewing of his work by appointment at his West Roxbury studio. Call Anthony Lobosco at 617-323-4404 or email us at The Better Drink ( ) for more information.


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