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Daily Column

 Come join the editor Jennifer Barnick as she searches for the Champagne Life....

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Sparkling Wine

Interview with Alison Schneider, Jepson's wine maker
by Paul Donaldson

Feature Dr. Timothy Smith writes about the birth of champagne

Sparkling Wine Review Mark Kernaghan savors rosés for the holidays

Arts & Sciences how does temperature affect sparkling wine?

First Person

HelloGoodbye Suzie Sims-Fletcher says hello and David Sirois says goodbye.

Passion Forum Dr. James Smith speaks about his passion for opera

Under the Goldlight—True Tales of Drinking Champagne Our newest column...Dave Brown takes us on one heck of a night

Art & Literature

The Marcia Reed Virtual Gallery Painter Anthony Lobosco

Drinker's Poetry J. Blake Gordon & Slattery

Fiction Anna Luciano tackles coming home for the holidays

Other Goodies

Founder's Page Greeting from Dr. Timothy Smith

Letters to the Editor click for full list

Photo Gallery Click for Pics




Submission Guidelines


            The Better Drink accepts unsolicited submissions.   All submissions must be mailed hard copy to our P.O. Box (address provided below).   All submissions must be typed and double-spaced.   We also ask that along with your submission is a cover letter including a brief biography and a brief summary/description of submission.   In addition, we ask that you tell us in your cover letter if your piece can be mailed electronically-hastening the editorial and publishing process for accepted work.   Lastly, please include a SASE if you want your piece returned.   Expect four months reply time.   Please address as follows:

Attn: State Category (fiction, HelloGoodbye, Passion Forum, etc.)
          c/o The Better Drink
          P.O. Box 410213
          Cambridge, MA 02141


Categories Open for Submission


Feature -Length 5,000 to 10,000 words.   We will (unlike other categories) accept a feature based on proposal.   However, the piece must be fully completed within three months of acceptance.   We are interested in articles revolving around sparkling wine, champagne, or truly inspiring people.   The stories may be personal, contemporary, historical, or even philosophical-we are really looking for work that embodies the spirit of the magazine.   We have pretty open minds at The Better Drink so be creative.   Pays $100.00.   Paid upon publishing.

Passion Forum -Length 750 to 1,500 words.   Passion Forum is a section dedicated to a person who has found a true passion in their life.   We here at The Better Drink both admire and celebrate individuals that have found a true love and self-generated excitement in their life.and for those of us who have not yet found that special something, we think the writers of Passion Forum can inspire us and others to continue searching.   Passion Forum must be written in first person, and the author must be writing about their own passion-whether it is knitting, stamp collecting, or growing hot, very hot peppers!   Note:   for accepted pieces we will be requesting a photo of yourself, and the photo must be submitted electronically.   Pays $35.00.   Paid upon publishing.

HelloGoodbye -Length 500 to 4,000 words.   HelloGoodbye is our "full circle" section.   By printing side-by-side first person accounts of a union formed and a union lost we hope to illuminate the beauty of being within both sides.   It is our belief that people can grow and shine in times of both gain and loss.   The loss or gain, however, does not have to be always profound, we welcome lighthearted and humorous stories as well.   The point is people come and go in our lives and The Better Drink wants to celebrate life with all its ups and downs.   Pays $50.00 for both Hello or Goodbye.   Pays upon publication.   Note:   while photos are not required for HelloGoodbye, we really love them.   Please note in your submission if you will be providing any photos or art that would add depth to your piece.

Poetry - Any length.   Any style.   Just mail us your best.   You may submit up to six poems, however, only two poems will be finally accepted.   (Note:   two poems is the minimum submission.)   Pays $20.00.   Paid upon publication.

Fiction -Length 500 to 10,000 words.   The Fall 2004 issue will be our first introduction of a fiction category.   We are open to just about all genres (except no pornography or any piece with explicit violence).   Pays $50.00.   Paid upon publication.

The Marcia Reed Virtual Gallery -coming this fall (2004).   In addition to a new fiction section, we will also be introducing an arts section.   The Marcia Reed Virtual Gallery will be a presentation of an artist's work with a special emphasis on the emerging artist.   It is so rare that people ever get to see the art of their times-not to mention regional and still-to-be-represented artists.   The Better Drink wants to open up the opportunity for both artists and our readers to share the unique experience of contemporary art.   The Virtual Gallery is open to all artists of any age, style, or experience.   Presently, we are only able to show visual art:   photography, sculpture, painting, drawing etc..   Both galleries and individual artists are welcome to submit, and while we will not directly sell work in our magazine we will provide links and contacts for readers and other interested parties to the accepted artist and/or gallery.   The submission guidelines are as follows:

Page 1 -Please write a one to two paragraph biography.   For accepted artists we will be requesting a photo that must be sent electronically.   (It can be included on your CD of slides.)

Page 2 -Write your statement of purpose (In non-lingo:   tell us what your work is about and why you did it.)   The statement of purpose should be one to two pages.however, if you have a real manifesto, please feel free to submit.we really do not have any concrete word limit.

A CD of your slides -we ask for a minimum of four slides and a maximum of twelve.   (Note:   you can have your traditional slides transferred to CD by just about any local photo shop.)   Please send enough postage (including return envelope) so we can return your CD.

Final Reminders

—All pieces must have appropriate envelopes and return postage.

—Do not send us your original anything!!!   While we are very careful—things do get lost—so please make copies!!!

—All writing must be typed, double-spaced, and sent hard copy via traditional mail.

—State submission category outside of envelope.

—All submissions must have a brief cover letter, and please tell us in cover letter if your writing can be sent electronically.

Additional Note:

            The November issue will be our holiday issue, and we would love holiday related material!   If you are interested please include on your cover letter that your piece is holiday themed.


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